3. Scripture | Michael Bouterse

3. Scripture (Luke 24:13-35)

Michael Bouterse, local director of Thrive Harbor, wraps up Thrive's three-part Foundations series by looking at one final ingredient for growth in Christ—the Bible. Reading Scripture for facts alone will make you into a tadpole Christian: all head and nothing else. But if you read the Bible and allow it to show you your heart, to show you God's character, to sit in judgment over you (rather than you over it!), and to demand that you obey what it says, it will turn your world upside-down in the best possible way. Passages cited in this message include Luke 24:13-35; Psalm 119:127; Jeremiah 20:9; 15:16; Hebrews 4:12; Proverbs 14:12; Isaiah 66:2; and James 1:22-24.

2. Mission | Jake Chambers

2. Mission

Jake Chambers, pastor and church planter of Local Church, returns to speak on mission, the second of Thrive’s three-part series on Foundations. Sharing Christ and loving others in His name (a.k.a. mission) is an integral ingredient for growing as a believer, whether practiced at home or abroad. But living on mission won’t grow you unless your motivation arises not from guilt but the gospel.

1. Prayer | Jake Chambers

1. Prayer

Jake Chambers, pastor and church planter of Local Church, kicks off Thrive's Foundations series, looking at three ingredients that help believers grow in Christ. Prayer, the first of the three, is a cornerstone of the Christian life. But how does prayer change a group of believers? Prayer is comparable to a fire, causing Christians to burn like white-hot coals with love and passion for God.